Baby Weight Scale Price in Bangladesh

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Buy a high quality baby weight scale machine at the lowest price in Bangladesh from all reputed brands like seca, beurer, ADE, Kinlee etc. We have a large collection of baby weighing scale & machines to track your baby’s growth properly. Baby weight scale price in bd.

What is a Baby Weight  Scale / Machine ?

Normally, a baby's weighing scale is used during this process to weigh the new-born to give their birth-weight. The baby is then continuously weighed and monitored throughout its growth to ensure that weight changes are within the norm. This is all recorded in their personal child health record for future use. 

Why is the baby weight scale being used?

Baby weighing scales are an important instrument in any hospital’s toolbox. Consistent and reliable baby weight and growth measurements are a fundamental part of monitoring a new-burn’s safe continued development.

Many baby scales, such as our Seca range, have a built-in storage function. The scales can store a measured weight with just a button push and compare it to the next weight weighed. It’ll store the weight, even if removed from power!

Features of the modern baby weight scale

Modern baby weighing scales are filled with features that make them invaluable to medical professionals. For instance, many baby weighing scales can be upgraded or come installed with a length measuring rod. This allows the medical professional to easily and consistently measure the length/height of the baby. It provides consistent foot placement and a reliable measuring rod for length/height measurements throughout the child’s development.

Essential Baby Scale Features

Here are some of the features that should be considered essential for babies to make the lives of medical professionals easier.

A baby scale should be robust and durable to resist wear and tear and damage over the course of its lifetime. It should also be lightweight and portable – although this is perhaps less important if it is kept permanently in a delivery room as apposed to being carried around on house calls by a visiting midwife.

Battery Operated

Battery operated scales are ideal if the scales are being used while out and about on house calls. However, some battery-operated baby scales have rechargeable batteries which can be charged using a mains power adaptor.


A tare function is an essential feature which would allow you to remove the weight of blankets and nappies to get an accurate weight of the baby.

Wipe-clean Surface

A baby scale design which is easy to keep clean is essential for use in a maternity ward. Babies cannot tell you when they are about to be sick, or do a wee or poo, so being able to wipe these substances off of the scales is essential to keep the baby's scales hygienic for the next baby to use. Infection control is a serious matter in hospitals, especially in a ward where the patients are vulnerable newborn babies.

Some Useful Baby Scale Features

The following features are not essential, but would be considered useful:

  • Large digital readout display
  • Movement dampers functionality to stop the baby’s movements from interfering with the weight.
  • Power adapter and rechargeable batteries
  • Auto-Off function to save battery power
  • Breast milk intake function

Reasons To Record Baby’s Weight

Isn’t going to the doctor’s for a check-up enough? Do you really need to weigh your baby at home with a personal baby scale? We think you should.

There are a number of benefits to knowing how much your baby weighs at any given time.

Here are three:

You can make sure your baby is hitting its growth markers and is in a good percentile for their age. Weighing your little one after feeding can ensure they are getting enough food.

The precious time you have with your small baby will go by fast. Never forget their milestones by recording their weight in a baby book.

Best Five Baby Weight Scale in Bangladesh

  1. seca 354 2-in-1 mobile baby scale and flat scale
    The seca 354 is first of all, a baby scale with a gently curved ergonomic tray. But a single handle is enough and it functions as a flat scale for children. Thanks to its versatility and light weight, this baby scale is an ideal companion for anybody who is out and about in the child healthcare business. With its economical price point, seca 354 offers entry into professional, medical weighing, as required in clinics and practices.
  2. ADE M112600 Baby weighing scale
    The fine graduation of 5 g up to 20 kg, together with the auto-hold function and an electronic dampening system guarantees precise and fast weighing results. The clear backlit display ensures easy reading also in dimmed surroundings. Simple to operate with four clearly marked soft touch buttons.
  3. Beurer BY 90 baby scale – with Measuring Tape & Apps
    With the Beurer BY 90 baby scale, you can keep a perfect check on the weight of your little one. This is the most popular scale in Bangladesh according to price point & it's built in features. Moreover,  “beurer BabyCare” app, you have all of the data in a practical overview. The hold function means that weighing is easy even for wriggling babies.
  4. Beurer BY80 Digital Baby & Pet Scale
    This is the best budget-friendly and minimal baby weight machine in Bangladesh. This scale was designed to be comfortable for both parents and the baby – featuring an easy to read, large LCD display and a curved weighing platform. With the tare function, you can achieve accurate and precise measurements while even putting a towel or your babies favorite blanket or toy on the scale to make it even more comfortable and have less fuss.
  5. Kinlee EBST-20 Electronic Baby Weight Scale
    Our high-quality Automated Electronic 20kg Scales accurately track your baby’s weight! Our precise and high-quality scales are perfect for measuring babies, children, or even small pets in your own home accurately and conveniently. Our durable scales are suitable for weighing up to 20 kg in total and have an accuracy of +/- 10 grams, capable of weighing in kilograms, stones, or pounds.