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Buy manual, analog and digital blood pressure machine online with sphygmomanometer and bp machine at lowest price in Bangladesh. Shop all branded best BP check machine like  accusure, rossmax, ALPK2, MDF, OMRON, MICROLIFE, Yuwell, Yamasu, etc.

Blood Pressure (BP) Machine Price List in Bangladesh

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ALPK2 Blood Pressure Machine with Stethoscope ( Made in Japan )


Wrist Smart Digital blood pressure machine


Omron HEM-7121 Digital blood pressure machine


MDF  MDF808M Calibra Aneroid Manual Blood Pressure Machine


Microlife blood pressure monitor machine With Stethoscope


Rossmax Blood Pressure Monitor Machine (Dial Type) With Stethoscope


YAMASU Manual Blood Pressure  Made in Japan


YUWELL Manual Blood Pressure Machine with Stethoscope – Full Set


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Many people are suffering from High Blood pressure in Bangladesh, so it is crucial to know your blood pressure level to lead a healthy life. To solve this problem we have brought some high quality Blood Pressure monitor machine which can be used very easily and provide accurate results.

Why it is Important to monitor your blood pressure?

1 out of every 3 adults is at risk of developing High Blood Pressure or Hypertension.

High blood pressure, if left untreated, can lead to sudden and severe health complications such as heart failure, stroke and other organ damage. Despite its risks, there are often no symptoms of high blood pressure. Therefore, early detection and treatment is crucial.

High blood pressure and Low blood pressure both of these will put you at healthy risk. You have to try to keep your blood pressure at normal levels. You can try a Digital blood pressure machine because it is very easy to use.